Add AssetType link/reference to asset-types guide

Please link the documentation for AssetType in the Asset Types guide in the beginning, or at least reference it inside the guide.

It is a disservice to new and old developers to have a guide that does not reference the in-depth list of what assetTypeIds are as they are directly related to what an asset can be/is.

The Creator Marketplace is relevant to game:GetService(“MarketplaceService”):GetProductInfo(assetId) and can be used as a handy debug if a certain rbxasset:// or rbxassetid:// is not loading in properly. For Web Developers using, for example the Asset Delivery API, it is relevant to know what assetTypeId they are retrieving (for most use cases).

Full documentation links below:

thank you

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Thanks for noting this, and great suggestion. We’ll add it to the Asset Types guide very soon.

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Hello @Dhammapada! I wanted to circle back to confirm that the Asset Types guide has had a revamp, and we highlight AssetType inside the new guide. Thank you for your suggestion! Please don’t hesitate to either reach out here, or through any of our guides as they are now open sourced. Have a great day!