Add associated games to groups

Many developers create games under their profiles and eventually/also create a group for their community. Group owners/admins should have the ability to share links to their games under the group games section.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because it allows developers to easily share their games with their communities


Used to be a thing certain people could do. Now nobody can. It will apparently be a thing some day though.

This info was more in-line with what I thought was being asked before the post was edited. More relevant info is below, but I’m not 100% on what this asks.


Those articles are different as they request a huge change. This is just about adding games to groups kind of like social links

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I’m a bit confused so what I say might not fit to what you’re talking about.

A dedicated section in groups for people to put games that aren’t in that group would add unnecessary clutter in my opinion. An associated games tab seems like a weird solution to , what I assume to be, the problem of showing of similar games.

If that’s the issue at hand, finding games/groups that are similar, then I’d think tags for groups would be good.

There’s the experience tab for games in the group itself and you should use links via group shouts or the group wall.

TLDR: While the feature might be nice, I feel it would be unnecessary clutter as I believe posting links works fine.

What I am suggesting is the ability to add games to the rest of the group games that are not created under the group. For example, if I have a fan group for my game with 100k members I would want to have my game listed under the games category even though it is published under my profile.

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