Allow us to freely transfer our games between our profile / groups

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to transfer our existing profile games to a group.
It would be great if our games didn’t get locked to a specific group, or profile, so basically we would have the freedom to transfer our game where we would want it to be.

For me personally, I have a large, established game with over 100M place visits which isn’t tied to any group. I have no option to move it into a group, and because of that I cannot avail of group funds, group payouts and allowing other people to help me work on my game in group team create.
I’m starting to feel the weight of the disadvantages on me due to not being able to transfer my game into a group.

  • Without group funds, paying people for commission work is far more awkward than it should be.
  • Without the ability to invite group members to edit my game with me, it is making collaboration work a painstaking chore.
  • Also without the ability to transfer my game to a group, it makes it increasingly difficult to build a community around my game.
  • My main point is that this is really hindering me from collaborating with other people.

There’s nothing I can do personally to right my issues here, I’m literally dependent on this becoming a feature in order to carry my game into the future.
Please consider adding this as a feature. Developers with legacy profile games should not be weighed down by disadvantages.

Post script.


One month ago i got this problem too but you can just save your game to the folder, then load it to other place that you created at your profile/group and every terrain, script, model should work on another place.


But you lose all your datastore data, badges, gamepasses, developer products, etc. It is not an option of pre-existing, established games.


Yes please! This would be incredibly useful in my opinion, and would realy help with something such as keeping ownership of your old game, but hiring new people to make it a team effort to update it to meet up with today’s features.

Another thing someone mentioned in a previous feature that would probably tie in well is displaying group games on your profile. I could see this working really well with it, making games that were previously on one user’s account as something on a group which every developer can show off as having worked on it.


I don’t know if they could actually do it but have you tried contacting CS and asking for them to move your game?


There was an offer open back in 2016 where they were transferring games from profiles to groups:

I messaged Seranok today to see if it was possible to get this done for me too, however the option is closed to users and I was advised to make a feature request on it instead.


I support this sososo much


This needs to happen


Support, although I don’t have a game I would like to transfer, I know people who would like to.


Support, I really feel bad for users who made games on their profile instead of their group.


Support. This along with the ability to display group games on your profile need to be a thing.


Full support! Even as a smaller dev, transporting my game took hours of readusjting assets onto my group game. It was very tedious work…


I think a good approach to this would be to use to the already existing publish game to new game feature in studio. It would reroute all of the content that is related to the current game Id to use the newly published one. Effectively creating another version of the game that is a carbon copy (but the data is separate from then on).


It would be ideal for him to be able to keep Favorites, especially so that the link on returning users’ home page still links to the active game. Publish Game to New Game would confuse and potentially lose a fair chunk of repeat players.

For this particular scenario, I can see how the requested feature is necessary.


Please :clap:


Support. Please bring this to Roblox. It’d be a good thing for us developers.


Also support. I can also imagine people may need to move a game from one group to another if it switches development team.


I also want to throw in the point that, when developers are first introduced to roblox, they and prompted to create places linked directly to their profile.

Every roblox profile still starts with one default place linked to their profile.

Think of all the new developers who start building a game linked to their profile, only to hit a brick wall when they want to avail from group game benefits, but physically can’t. This is another reason as to why this feature is sorely needed.




I would love to move Club Boates to a group to expand and start a development team, however I haven’t because I’d have to move it to the group and setup a teleporter to the new place, then transfer the data somehow as well as the developer products. At the end of the day I’d be left with a game shell nobody plays to keep the place visits on my profile or have to remove it altogether.

I also have a few other games I’d love to move to groups, but it’s just too much of a hassle for each one.

One could assign the game’s owner as whoevers profile it’s on or whoever owns the group it’s under.


@ColdDeveloper I also support displaying group games on your profile.