Add auto-complete to Attributes

Currently writing code that involves attributes can often be tedious due to the lack of auto-complete. Unlike working with other ways of storing data such as an info module or value bases, attributes currently do not have any auto-complete functionality.

Having this feature would speed up scripting greatly, preventing me from needing to select instances in the explorer and viewing the attributes in the properties window to make sure I have the attribute needed typed out correctly.


Im curious how this would be implemented, dont get me wrong it would be amazing to have this, there’s just two implementation details that would need resolving

  • What about attributes added at runtime that aren’t in the explorer
  • What if an attribute in the explorer was removed at runtime

The solution you’re probably thinking of is to just pull from the property window which would definitely be valid, however it means you can get attributes which haven’t been added or removed to the autocomplete

Then again, it’d be better to get a Luau engineer to look at this

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