Add bundles to the roblox inventory

At the moment it’s pretty difficult to find a list of bundles that a player owns on the platform. The only current way to see what bundles players own is by going to their Heads, which sometimes isn’t that reliable when looking for a bundle. This feature is very simple, yet very reliable in many ways. Lets say someone wants to take a look at someone else’s inventory, decides to see what bundles that user may have. It will be very difficult to find out that information without asking the player or either checking another page, which isn’t always reliable as I previously stated.

The layout for this feature would be very simple all you would have to do is add in the Bundles button on the category tabs, like all other buttons are and just place it under the Badges button. I don’t see why this feature couldn’t be added, it’s very useful and very simple to add in. Also considering the fact there are many useless buttons on the current category tab.