Add Catalog Filter to Mobile Catalog

In the past, there used to be the option to filter items in the catalog, such as for shirts only, price ranges including that of more than 1,000 robux, and the creator of certain clothing items. The update was before UGC so there was never a hat filter, if my memory isn’t playing tricks on me.

Currently, to solve the issue, you need to go to the Roblox website on Safari, which is a hassle, having to log in twice and learning the Roblox website as it’s far from identical to the mobile app. Also, younger children who find homestore type games might want more clothes from that person, but they can’t because young children tend to play on a phone or tablet rather than a PC.

As a Roblox mobile player, it is currently very tedious to have to use the Roblox website on mobile to have to filter catalog items. The Roblox mobile app is, at least for me, much more comfortable to use and has far better UI than the main website.

If this issue is addressed, it would improve my playing experience on the platform because I am always on the hunt for cool hats and clothes, or to support my favorite Roblox UGC creators, but a lack of a catalog filter makes it that much harder to actually do so. Sometimes I have to resort to asking my friends about their clothes or doing the stodgy inventory shopping, which is very shunned upon.

The easiest solution to do this would be to revert back to the old catalog that was in Roblox in 2018. However, since the new catalog has multiple UI features that are praised like sales count and just better interfaces, it’d be preferred if there was to be a side bar, or more options in the area that has Sort and Price options.