Add clothing templates with guidelines for R15/Rthro packages

Currently there are no template equivalents for packages. Here’s a couple examples of problems caused by this :

the “foot” part in r15 for robloxian 2.0 starts about halfway lower than the mark for a regular robloxian. This makes it very hard to judge how things should be scaled. It also doesn’t take into account the scaling on the textures, so, for instance, something like this image
(slightly off center)
turns into this

I would just like to have more templates that have guidelines for packages, instead of only having one for the default roblox proportions. It would save a ton of time.

A collar, for example, on robloxian 2.0, for instance, needs compensate for the top texture. image
There are no guidelines for anything package related, so it ends up being pure trial and error.

A solution would be to include more template images that do take account to these proportions on the clothing creation page. These should include lines that are more or less completely vertical / horizontal for when the texture is being worn on the character with the package (Would be skewed on the template, thus making it easier to see how the texture should be made in order to look good on the package) This shouldn’t take all that long to implement with the use of software that allows you to draw directly on objects.