Add Color3 functionality to default Studio color picker


As a developer it is currently too hard to recolor a model with a specific Color3 (rather than BrickColor). Currently to recolor a model you have to select all of the children of that model, which works, but can be a hassle if you’re having to do it multiple times for complex models.


I’m proposing to add a Color3 picker in the default Studio tools, that when used on a model, will recolor all of it’s descendants. Note that there is already a color picker tool in Studio, but this only selects BrickColors at the moment. It should be extended to support Color3 picking.

Currently, setting all parts to a Color3 is only doable by selecting everything in the model and going to the Part Properties and clicking the ‘Brick Color’. Which brings up the prompt below.


Then you have to click ‘More Colors’ which brings up the Color3 Picker prompt.


I propose we do the same to the color picker on the Home and Models tab, looking something like this:

And by clicking ‘More Colors’, just the same as the color picker in Part Properties, it brings up the same prompt shown above.

Example of Use Case

Currently in my Cabin I’m building, all my wall models are grouped into one model.


If we had a Color3 picker in the default tools that worked similar to the BrickColor picker, I could select my wall model, open up the picker and easily recolor all of my walls without having to dig through my models to get all the individual wall parts.

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