Add Community Driven Posts To Forum Tutorials

I know similar things addressing the topic I am about to address have been made which is post quality here on the forums. Most of us are tired of it but you cant really moderate since someone will just claim other people do it and get away with it. I am a firm believer in the fact that the pen is mightier than the sword and that it the right words are read by the right people we can make a difference.

There are a few posts i think everyone should read here on the forums, this isnt the first time ive reccomended people read a post and it isnt the last time. But this article:

Is a very well written article which speaks the unfortunate truth of people treating the forum as a game. Posts like these i feel can change the way people behave and interact with the forums and makes them think twice about their activity on the forums which everyone should read.

There are many other posts worth noting here, however Roblox is and I feel always will and should be a community driven game and even though sometimes it doesnt feel like it, community posts and input should be a definite component of the welcome process on the forum and not just the discobot basic welcome, which gives you a brief synopsis of the not to do, but fails to bring up the why which doesnt discourage poor posts.


Not everyone cares enough to understand how the forum works and they mainly want answers to their questions. If they can’t be expected to commit to basic forum etiquette like reading the rules or our fairly short category summaries/guidelines, they shouldn’t be expected to read large tutorials either.

Adding more reading to the process isn’t exactly intuitive and people can’t be trusted enough to read these either and they certainly aren’t forced to either. This is a non-solution and will just add more unnecessary bloat on the forum.

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