Add confirm dialogue for "Publish to Roblox"

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too easy to accidentally publish an experience since there is no confirm dialogue. Especially since “Quick open” has a very similar keybind.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because it would remove accidental publishes.

I know you can rebind the Publish to Roblox shortcut, but then you would need to enforce this on every developer in the team and misclick on “Publish to Roblox” in the menu would still be a risk.


if this is ever added, please make it an option, forcing features down our throats is very destructive to our workflow


How often do you publish new versions? I am surprised since I cannot imagine how it breaks workflows.


I disagree. It would completely slow down my workflow. If I’m clicking Publish to Roblox, then chances are I want to publish it. I dont want “are you suuuuuuuuuuuureeeeee you wanted to do that???”, I just want it to publish. If it’s an issue then just revert the place version and it’s gone faster than it was updated.

We should be improving the time it takes to do things, and removing useless popups, not adding more unnecessary ones.

Furthermore, what about testing? Sometimes I want to publish changed fast for testing stuff that only works in Roblox servers. Once again, I dont want “I know you want to do that, but do you reallllly want to? I dont think you do!” to appear every time i want to publish any games


That’s literally almost never stopped them before.

It’s really not that big of a deal to click “yes”. Nobody should be publishing so often that it’s a huge inconvenience, and if you are, you are doing it wrong: save to file/Roblox, publish only when you have finished work.

I have no strong opinion either way, but I do work on my game in a staging place instead of the production place for a reason. It feels very dangerous to work directly in Studio on a live experience, you’re one click from publishing in-dev content to production and even though it’s fairly easy to revert, it’s still a hazard, especially in high-population games where there are new servers spinning up multiple per minute.

The entire game publishing pipeline feels like it needs a revisit, Studio seems to try to encourage working on one experience, and saving everything to that experience, but the nature of the platform itself and the low barrier to publishing in authoring tooling contradicts that, making it very dangerous to do so (e.g. spoiling events early for example).


Then your workflow is already slowed down - you’re clicking it. This is talking primarily about the hotkey for publishing. It’d definitely be acceptable to not have the confirmation appear when using the clicked menu version, but, if you’re clicking it then you’re already not doing it the fast way - Miss me with that excuse. A default-on setting for confirmation dialogue is definitely the more clear choice than just an immediate disagreement. Maybe a per-place setting, even.

Saying that some features can’t be tested in studio is more a problem with studio than with a dialogue addition. We should be aiming for a studio that allows all practical features to be tested; either way, how often would you have to be testing those features to publish so fast? If you are publishing once every 2-3 minutes this would still be a few seconds downtime, that could prevent people from accidentally publishing broken test builds to main servers.

On a more general note,
I definitely think that since Roblox is desperately trying to push for publishing games online rather than having saved copies (I remember literally having to disable an update that removed local saving as the default save from studio), there should definitely be a dialogue for when you’re publishing rather than saving.

If you are publishing a game to the world, likelihood is you’re not doing it that often. If you are, you’re at-risk for accidentally publishing a broken update. Saving is fine but a publishing confirmation would be welcomed with open arms.

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