Add context menu option to Explorer pane to count children

I’m inserting a bunch of models from the toolbox and I have no idea how heavy they are. I want to be able to easily right click a node in the Explorer pane and get a count of how many Instances/Parts/Meshes/Textures there are in all the descendants.

For example, I’m trying to figure out, with no effort, if I put 50 of this model in my game, is that going to be a problem? Right now I have no clue. Looks heavy. I’m not sure. Can you tell without trying it? I don’t want to expand all those nodes and see what it’s made of.

You want to put a million of these in a game, how do you pick one that won’t tank your perf?

They are all built like this:


I’m sure at least one is using 20 megs of textures or some 50k tri mesh. I won’t find out until I use it and my game starts to crash on phones.


Is the title of this thread all you’re asking for? It seems like your request is more about flagging bad practices in free models, i.e. Roblox would automatically do a quick scan over assets in a free model and point out high poly meshparts, large textures, long audio, etc.

If all you’re looking for is counting children, you can check out this plugin which is a rewrite of steadyon’s instance scanner:
(Edit: Fixed this being offsale)


Yeah that is awesome.

Studio should adopt some of these plugins and make them standard, in my opinion.

The only thing missing there is I’d like some idea of how much texture RAM this object uses, since it matters for phones.