Add DevEx Button Under Robux Dropdown


DevEx is currently coupled with the Create page. The only way to access it is by clicking Create and then Developer Exchange. Create ≠ DevEx.

I propose making it accessible from the Robux dropdown.





I think that developer’s exchange applies to such a small percentage of Roblox players that adding it to a common place like that would create more confusion than anything


I agree with WhoseTrade, I think it should be somewhere else like the Robux page itself.


Not only small percentage, but also that small percentage uses it so little compared to other parts of the site with much more attention needed.


I’m suggesting this because currently on mobile, you cannot access Developer Exchange from the Create tab unless you manually type the URL.


In the meantime, sounds like a super easy Chrome extension idea


Forgot to include this in OP, but dev ex is inaccessible on mobile.


It could be a drop down that only appears if you have 100k plus similar to how once you reach 10k plus that little graph appears tracking your progress to getting to 100k


If anyone is trying to build an extension for personal use, here’s code that could work. Obviously, it’s not very future-proof, but future-proofing DOM-manipulation of other websites is pretty much impossible.

const dropdownList = document.getElementById("navbar-robux").getElementsByClassName("dropdown-menu")[0];
const li = document.createElement("li");
const a = document.createElement("a");
a.href = "";
a.innerHTML = "DevEx";

Just be sure to execute this when the DOM is done loading.


Well what about those who are show the percentage to DevEx, if they meet that requirement you can show them that button.


If you are in safari on the iPhone you can request the desktop site and navigate the site regularly.


Requesting desktop site on mobile doesn’t fix the Create page showing this


It’s a nice idea, but it would definitely be worth only showing this when the user has already DevExed, for the following reasons:

  1. Takes attention away from Buy Robux - would hurt Roblox’s (and developers’) revenue
  2. Making DevEx more public is likely to encourage scams etc from people who don’t realise how strict the criteria is
  3. Could lead to a flood in ineligible new requests, increasing our waiting time


hm idk. I always use it look at dev stats and other stuff


This sounds like it would work best as a feature for R+