Add Explorer Pane Context Menu Option to Set PrimaryPart of a Model

I just want to be able to right click on a part in a model and set it as the PrimaryPart.

The PrimaryPart influences things like the axis-alignment of the bounding box Studio uses for the dragger, so it’s common that I want to set it for models like posed figures where the dragger uses an off-axis bounding box (usually not what you want since it makes the character tilted).

Right now I have to type code in the command console to do it. Yuck.

It would also be cool if I expand a Model in the Explorer tab if it drew a little blue circle around the PrimaryPart so I can tell what it’s currently set to.


Can’t you set this from the properties widget by selecting the model and then clicking on the property?

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For small models with 4 or 5 parts that works fine.

For large models or nest models it’s not a good work flow because it requires both of those things (the Model node and the target PrimaryPart node) to be in the same view.

Example: Here’s a giant tower. Make the part named “Root” the primary.

I also feel like the primary part is so… er… primary to modeling because it determines the object cframe for the model. So I should be able to see what it is without poking around in a property page.

Ex: Try inserting this model into a new level and putting it where you want. Then imagine you’re a new Studio user trying to do the same - builderman vs guest 666 - Roblox