Add fuzzy searching to group member search

As a Roblox developer/group owner, it is currently too hard to effectively find members within my group. Currently searching for a group member in the appropriate group page makes you type the full username of a user. This is very annoying as usernames are more commonly using numbers after their names now. It is much easier to just type the words in their name and have a list of users appear with the matching words/names.

Implementing this feature would:

  • Greatly enhance the UX for group owners on Roblox, it eliminates the frustration of having to type their exact and probably lengthy username. This feature will make the process of finding group members smoother and more efficient.

  • Save time for large groups, for groups with a large number of members manually searching for individuals is a nightmare and is a constant hassle. Implementing a fuzzy search feature would significantly reduce the time and effort spent trying to locate a specific member within extensive lists.

  • Reduced user errors - yes this is a rare case and I acknowledge that. The current system relies on an exact username, this can lead to problems with numbers, spelling and capitalisation. This feature would allow for slight discrepancies and therefore resulting in fewer errors and more accurate results.

  • Increased group management efficiency, group members may need to interact with group members for various reasons such as promotions, demotions etc. on a regular basis and as I stated before, this is a nightmare for large group managers. This feature would streamline this process, allowing group managers to find the right members quickly and efficiently.

For example, we want to pay a JohnDoe45674645 1000 robux from our group but there are five thousand John Doe’s in our group and we have to find the right one to pay out, there is a 1/5000 chance that we will get the right John Doe.


Good idea… but why don’t we just copy & paste their usernames?

In large groups this can get very annoying. I understand why this would be a good update (especially with display names)…there should be a better way of indexing and searching for usernames.

There is also this, and yes this is also another viable option but it’s cumbersome and annoying to do it every time.

Not only that but for mobile users, it can be very annoying to copy and paste the username depending on the device you’re using. Transferring between windows can be clunky as well - I speak from experience here.

Also if you’ve got multiple users to do then this becomes a nightmare - especially again, for mobile users. Moreso, modern applications are striving for UI that is simple and straightforward, not requiring any more steps than needed.

And then there’s also the rare case that they spell their own username wrong.