Add Game Icons and Thumbnails from Studio


It seems like the website is slowly fading into Studio. Still cool though - will definitely use as it seems much faster than switching to the website.


Good addition, maybe i’ll finally stop pressing wrong buttons in :stuck_out_tongue:


This is worrying though because sometimes I’ll be away from my computer (desktop PC) and want to change the game description or swap out a thumbnail, and I have the ability to do that on a phone, a tablet, a friend’s laptop, and very quickly without additional software.

If they genuinely do move it all to studio it will become impossible to do little things like that.

Hopefully there will always be a website way, even if it ends up being more hidden and convoluted.

Side note: I’m super pumped for this update, it’s very handy when I do have my pc to have all this stuff inside studio for convenience, provided it remains a convenient alternative, not the replacement.


Would you be able to add any functionality where we can pre-moderate game icons and thumbnails before publishing them? Currently we have to either upload them as an image or place them in a test place. It has a big effect on our game image to have a pending icon or to risk having a declined icon in a live game.


This will save so much time, thanks Roblox!


Great addition to studio! Makes things alot faster now with this feature

Now studio should add a feature where you can configure your game while your in studio instead of going on to the website


Man, this is great idea to adding game icons and thumbnails like that!


Seems alright, now I don’t have to start jumping into the website to upload them.


Great addition! It’s not that different from just using the website (just swap out Studio with web browser), but I can see it paving the way for much more advanced options (like uploading screenshots directly).


Awesome, now all we need is an option to “Hide” places. My develop page is full of stuff that i dont need or want.

Thanks for the update!


Love this update. Huge time saver on seeing what an Icon/Thumbnail looks like before actually uploading. Love the fact that you can also change a Game’s Description and Info as well as just the Graphics.

Nice update. :+1:


Experimental mode has been removed.


removed*, not just deprecated. It doesn’t exist anymore.


Hmm. I actually used this about a week ago.


Great Update! Gets better every time. :+1:


I love how creating a game on Roblox is starting to combine into one place. Thanks for pushing this forward. Great changes. It might soon be to the point to where I do not need to have Chrome open when creating a Roblox game.


It would be cool if Roblox created a mobile app so you see your game’s stats and edit your game details, kinda like how YouTube’s Studio app lets you do that.

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