Add Game Icons and Thumbnails from Studio


Hey developers,

You can now upload game icons and image thumbnails for your games straight from Studio!

Here’s how:

  1. From the Home tab, select “Game Settings”.
  2. On the “Basic Info” tab, scroll to the “Game Icon” or “Screenshots & Video” entries.
  3. Click the + button and select your images.
  4. You can now preview your new images. Don’t forget to press “Save” to save your changes!

It should now be easier than ever to add a fresh new icon or thumbnail to your game. But wait, there’s more! In case you haven’t seen, you can also edit other important game data like your game’s name and description right from Studio in the same Game Settings menu.

What do you think? Let us know below!


Thank you! This is much faster than going to search for the game that needs updating!

Now studio only needs an option to active/deactivate places.


A little redundant but still pretty neat.


It’s all great, but the preview option is very good, we can see if a image looks correct before we upload saving both our time and roblox’s time :+1:


You can do this from Game Settings! In the Playability section of Basic Info, you can set the game to Private to deactivate it, or Public to activate it.


Oh now I see it! Amazing how blind I can be sometimes, thank you for the reminder!


Looks quite convenient! Is this being added with the intention of removing sunsetting the ability to do it via the website?


I’m a little confused… Last I checked, it cost 500 robux to upload a video. Can you upload videos via this menu, if so, how are you charged the robux?


An amazing update, that saves time!


Personally, I think that the website functionality should still stay here, but this menu makes it easier if you already have studio open.


Only images with this release, but images are free now (and have been for a while)!


To be honest, I would still use the website over studio to change game settings. But good to know


I probably will forget about this feature since I’m so used to go to the website all the time… anyways cool to know.


It’s a great update but I don’t think I will use it often, I prefer use the website.


I remember a while back hearing about a push to remove everything from the website and put it all in to Studio. Continuously seeing updates that seem to fit that nature is concerning me, more and more. :confused:


Saves some time. Thanks!


It would also be nice if this could be done for models aswell, the current method of using weird Camera objects wastes a lot of time when I could just upload a PNG instead for my model.

Still, nice update - saves time.


I like this update! The design is very nice. Will use it often.

I am curious though as to why the toggling of Experimental Mode was removed from the studio settings?
My only guess is because new games automatically have it enabled so there isn’t much use for it… Can anyone enlighten me on that?


I absolutely love that you guys are adding all the develop page features to studio. It saves so much time


Really nice they add this i cant wait to us this in my studio sooner then ever, and i like it alot and is awesome.