Add game sort: "You Liked"

As a Roblox developer and as a Roblox player, it is currently impossible to view the games that I have liked in the past. This creates a problem as, the user wants to be able to view good games, and we assume the user likes good games in their opinion. It would be a good user experience to view all of the games they liked.

There already exists a game sort for “Because you liked”, a game sort on “You liked” is the next logical step.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve the experience of users who like games, and could improve game communities and loyalty as there would be another sort to quickly access the games players like.


Yes, this would be very useful.

I like keeping my favourites list down to games which I am interested in, but I also want to see games that I have liked in the past.

An alternate solution would be to include liked games in the “Because you liked” list. For instance if I like “Phantom Forces”, then the sort would also show Phantom Forces amongst the similar games.


I like this, but I think usually these sorts base off of tag systems, which has been asked for too. Here’s hoping for both.

Edit: I misunderstood the topic, my bad. I was thinking for some reason that the ‘because you liked’ sort didn’t already exist.


Yep, there is a favourited sort on the player home, all they need to add is one for likes.


This is amazing. I go on front page often but can’t find anything I’m interested in. Having a random list of games I’ve liked before would definitely keep me on Roblox for longer.


Definite +1 to this idea.

Liking games does have its purpose, but let’s say I find some obscure thing that I really like and I forget its name, and I didn’t favorite it? Being able to view my liked games would be a huge QOL feature.


Very important to connect people to the games they actively want to play- its just good business sense for Roblox to do this!


I think this sort would be better suited to go on a player’s homepage. There is already a continue playing, favorites, and there should also be “Liked”. Wanted to update this thread with that request.