Add guidelines for replying in ROBLOXCRITICAL posts

The Proper use of “ROBLOXCRITICAL” in Bug Reports should be updated to include guidelines to replying in ROBLOXCRITICAL posts, since there are usually “can confirm” replies which are spammy, and sometimes, these ROBLOXCRITICAL posts are used as a chat, which you shouldn’t be able to use, since it’ll clog up important information.

This change will be appreciated if made.


The “can confirm” posts are essential to making an issue Roblox Critical as that is how people find out the same issue is happening to others.

I find it highly annoying that when the tag is properly used, people feel the need to “confirm” it acting like the engineers on ROBLOX have no clue what’s happening. Especially in times where the site is down or is about to go down.

Typically when the site goes down, many services will be down as well and while people should comment about one going down, you shouldn’t have a multitude of people commenting about the same service going down since it’s usually obvious.

Edit: Apologies, I didn’t realize highlighting a part of the post meant you could reply to it.

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In fact quite the opposite. The entire community (of a couple million people) might as well confirm this. That equates to what, a hundred million posts? Engineers aren’t gonna read through that. They are essentially reading the same thing a hundred million times. Only add useful information that has yet to be brought to the table. The like function exists.


It’s better to just remove the ROBLOXCRITICAL tag altogether because engineers already have metrics to track service failures. It’s just noisy and attracts the wrong kind of attention from new users.


I don’t agree with this, I understand it might seem useful to know that others are experiencing the same issue but when you have a critical error and you have engineers looking for a root cause they normally look at the forum thread to view where people are experiencing the errors and reproduction of that error. If you’re not contributing to that you’re just adding to a mess of other messages where it becomes hard for engineers to get the important replies.


Ah yes, in that case you’d be correct. So it would be better to message the poster I presume. It still is essential that the reporter knows if others are experiencing the issue after all, regardless of people replying via the forum or through private messages.

@uhTeddy mentioning you here too since you said the same thing as @incapaxx. Apologies for the late reply lads-things got busy on my end.