Add Haptic Touch / 3D Touch Option on Mobile App for iOS Users


As both a Roblox mobile user and developer, I wanted to be able to utilize Apple’s Haptic Touch feature on my iPhone in order to preview games, player profiles, catalog items, and other UI elements on the mobile platform without having to tap that section. iOS has a Haptic Touch (or 3D Touch) feature on iPhone 6S and above that allows you to hold down your screen or force touch any link to preview that link. This is currently not possible use that feature in the Roblox Mobile App for iOS.

Use Cases

This feature would be useful to quickly check the amount of current players playing, the like/dislike ratio, or a small snippet of the game description without having to exit the main page. Also, in iOS 13, users are able to quickly scroll down a long list, which is useful if they are chatting with numerous amount of other users, looking at personal messages, looking at group walls, and many others.


Notice on the right side of the video, when using Haptic Touch, the scroll bar increases in size, allowing you to scroll quickly. This video also demonstrates the use of Haptic Touch when surfing through games. (This is on Safari and NOT the Roblox Mobile App).

If It Gets Added

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve both my user and development experience because I am able to quickly browse through the mobile app using Haptic Touch to quickly scroll through messages, games, and other pages. In addition to fast scrolling, I would be able to use the force touch feature to preview user pages and game pages on the Roblox Mobile App.

Also tell me if there is an Android equivalent somewhere…