Add hotkey to unselect everything


My camera is inside of a giant model in Studio.

I click anywhere to select it, then ungroup.

Now I have a million selected parts.

I have no nice way to clear the selection. I have to move the camera and click on the sky to be able to do anything unless I want to drag around all these selected blocks, which is not common to do after ungrouping.


Not a perfect workaround, but I usually solve this by clicking here on the Explorer pane:


Hahaha. That’s a good tip thanks. You guys are the real pros.


Well, there could be one hotkey, that could potentially do the trick, and I’m familiar with it. Right now, the current unselect works by pressing the blank space in the Explorer.

I hope they add shift + ctrl + A as the hotkey to unselect everything.


A lot of paint programs use CTRL + D, for deselect. That would have some muscle memory.


With PluginActions, you can recreate this behavior by binding a key to game:GetService("Selection"):Set({}). Definitely should be default behavior, though.

Actually, let me do this real quick.

UPDATE: Done! I made a plugin for this.