Add "How to Learn Scripting" pinned post to Scripting Support

Well on mobile at least but I heard a rumor you can on pc I’m not sure.

if they have devforum, then they have a search engine
the youtube one I understand

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please tell me the likelihood that someone has no search engine but also has devforum
even if there was an app on a mobile device that I didn’t know about, the likelihood is so low

99% of the time someone has a search engine if they have devforum
even if they didn’t have a search engine, they could still look at other posts made by other people

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If you will like I can send screenshots.

I think this an idea worth considering. There will always be a younger demographic group on the forum who are interested/ new to development. The internet can only offer as much help as someone choose for it to offer but at the end of the day these users are beginning a road where they will be introduced to different teaching styles, methods and even resources, so learning from the right people and the right resources is essential. A pinned thread like this atleast gives some assurance that the resources are consistent, and the educators are community trusted/ recommended. No one wants to be on right train but the wrong track. Even if a majority don’t view the pinned topic, a minority will read it.

Because its forum feedback. Less people browse the category, so less people are aware of/ read these pinned topics.


Lack of knowledge in scripting or building or any other branch of development to clarify

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