Add "How to Learn Scripting" pinned post to Scripting Support

When scrolling through #development-discussion and #help-and-feedback:scripting-support, there are always topics asking “Where can I learn scripting?”

I think it would be a good idea to create a pinned post showing some highly regarded Youtube channels and sites, so that the same topics wouldn’t be repeated over and over again.

This might be applicable to other things like modeling but I see people asking how to learn scripting the most.


Considering users still ask “how do I update my profile picture?” in #forum-feedback:forum-help even though there is literally a pinned topic that explains how, I don’t think this will actually do anything.


I think this is a good idea. So the younger developers can have a start of scripting and make a game without free models.


this is mainly because some people are lazy
even if there wasn’t a pinned post you still have search engines
yet, people decide to ask instead of look which takes less time

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Nobody searches before posting either. Hence the topic.


I doubt that’s why, the devforum is a place with a lot of awesome and skilled developers so that’s what is probably motivating them to come here first, theirs more than like 100,000+ users on the devforum who probably script and know at least the basics or some of it.

I think a better way to say it is this “some people don’t search before posting”
saying nobody searches is wrong

People need to stop fully depending on the Developer Forum only. The internet is a huge library full of knowledge. The answers they seek aren’t always going to be on one website or app. It takes less then ten seconds to search up on YouTube, or ask for resources on a Discord server.

This is my personal opinion, whether you like it or not

if anything google is fast as well

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There is no reason to provide scripting lessons because roblox provides them : Learn Roblox

And besides, people with no knowledge in scripting or building or the other stuff should not be on the developer forum asking how to code because there are many sources out there teaching you how to code.

Absent knowledge in what exactly?

“belong”? that just sounds rough man…

" he Developer Forum , (better known as DevForum or RBXDev ), is a Roblox forum that developers can freely communicate with each other. "

I honestly have open arms for beginner developers, just pushing them away sounds like a dumb excuse for beginners not being on the forum, I’m honestly In disbelief that I even heard that today

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Isn’t that like kindergarteners ( the beginners who don’t know Knowledge or much Knowledge of scripting ) being pushed away by teachers just because they don’t know much?

This is a great idea! Except it should be expanded to include all forms of development. Such as 3D modelling and user interface. It would make learning a whole lot easier for everyone.


What if they don’t have YouTube and Google because there parents blocked it and they can do the dev forum. think about it.

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This is a pretty ridiculous argument. Once the parent finds out about DevForum, they will most likely block it too, especially if they block YouTube and Google.


How? Google is full of bad stuff. While roblox is friendly same with the dev forum.

And how do they get onto the dev forum in the first place? Google, most likely. It is also sadly not uncommon to find pretty bad stuff that stays up for up to hours.

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No you can access it on roblox also.

you can’t tho? I haven’t heard of being able to do that