Add Instagram to Social Links


I asked this during the Growth Q&A, with no direct answer, other than “we’re looking into revisiting the page next year”.

I just don’t understand why Twitter / X which allows porn, nudity, blood, gore, and death is allowed while Instagram moderates all of these and has parental controls.

The Meta Quest Pro’s that Roblox gave us even allows you to sign in with Instagram!

Adding access to Instagram would probably take a week to ship and do more good for the platform.
This would help bridge the gap between digital and physical fashion as well since Instagram is the go-to platform for these sorts of niches.


Unlike Facebook connection Instagram just feel useless since the platform is mainly directed in posting personal pictures. Also Instagram contains a lot more as I will phrase that “naked people” than X.

Twitter / X also contain parental controls which prohibit under 18 users to see NSFW content and the platform directly removes any unmarket tweets / posts.

Instead of adding Instagram the better option would be add Threads, since the platform is well made for it and it has similar concept to twitter.


Instagram probably has more porn and gore then twitter, have you ever used it?


Pornography is permitted on Twitter, meanwhile it isn’t on Instagram. I’ve only seen a handful of photos that were inappropriate on Instagram before and I’ve been on the platform since 2011. Unless you’re actively searching for it through very obscure hashtags, the chances of coming across it is very rare (unlike Twitter).


Although on Twitter (X) you can’t view any form of NSFW image at all unless you have an account that is over the age of 18. Instagram does have them. It’s not extremely rare. I don’t have a huge opinion on this because I don’t go looking around the social media platforms for porn, but Instagram is not exactly a necessary addition to the website. I do agree that Threads would be a more useful addition.

No one uses Instagram anyway, the only use case it has is for posting your third starbucks latte in a day.

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This definitely makes a lot more sense than facebook integration of all things, no idea why it’s taken so many years and we still don’t have it.


I was not familiar with Twitter / X’s parental controls. I believe all of Meta’s networks have pretty extensive parental controls which I was familiar with, but I do not use personally.


I will agree there are more personal pictures, but, as @KardashianKlan stated, pornography is not allowed on Instagram.

To the response of it being a useless platform or “no-one uses it” as @lolmansReturn said I think is absurdly absent-minded. There’s tons of engagement on Instagram. Not as nearly as much as TikTok which is another link not allowed… but it still has a large reach, while I was at RDC23, I recognized @Lanaraee, only because I had seen her on Instagram. I really can’t think of anyone else posting Roblox content (besides the memes), because its not too advantageous, you can’t link it anywhere on your Roblox profile. Yet, the reach of Roblox is so vast on social media and Instagram, so why not allow it on this platform?

Also, if @david.baszucki wants his prediction to come true about a fashion designer from Roblox becoming an international sensation then this is one of the first steps to help make that a reality.


So, you want to post screenshots of your Roblox games? I thought it was meant for people.

TikTok would be way better choice over Instagram (Maybe besides 22 December incident), I personally just don’t see how Instagram would be any better compared to other platforms, even LinkedIn would be way better choice over Instagram since Meta’s platforms are slowly dying.

Same as majority of other platforms which either don’t allow it or gate lock if behind age restrictions or even id verifications.

Just do some research.

While still on their “Reels” you may see absolute gore and porn even with the parental controls and filters. Also children are most likely able to see half naked woman with their pride out.

But threads is region locked the European union banned it for privacy reasons so how do u expect em to add that???

Read post just above you where i backed from the threads idea.

Especially since this type of content is targeted to children to brainwash them

TikTok isn’t the best choice either. It’s just a Chinese spyware app and is probably worse than instagram. Ever seen TikTok live?

I think it would be more suitable to add links to sites like Amazon products instead.

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Meta is way worse than TikTok from users privacy perspective and way more, you’ve just gave me brainwashed answer just like US government wants you to think.

Hmm, I actually don’t see any point of adding amazon either. The best option right now is TikTok.

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No I do not believe what the us government says. It’s been proven time and time again by reputable sources.

And can you actually trust anything made by state sponsored organizations? Look at Temu, it’s literally a scam

Yeah sure, Meta takes all of your info too. But they don’t give it to authoritarian governments to spy on their users and slowly take down the rest of the world.


I dont see a need in either Instagram, or TikTok tbh. Why?

  1. I don’t use Instagram, but isnt it a image sharing platform with extra features? I dont think it would be easy to increase engagement with that.
  2. I don’t use TikTok, but I do use YouTube Shorts (most of it is reuploaded from tiktok anyway), I assume it would work better than Instagram, but it wouldn’t be very effective. when watching yt shorts, i personally HATE it when i get an advertisement disguised as a video. Another reason to not add TikTok, is that you’ve already got YouTube (and YouTube shorts is better).
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YouTube shorts would be cool to add as well. I really believe in YouTube shorts, but in terms of engagement and hours spent, they are new yet have gotten 50 billion daily views, pretty impressive. However, Instagram Reel has already crossed 140 billion daily views. Pretty close to 3x.

I think even if you don’t use these platforms or have an obvious bias that some of these posters do, it is still worth acknowledging how much time spent is on these platforms, and why there is no way to help this growth from Roblox is silly, especially if you’re going to post Roblox related content.

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YouTube Shorts it’s just YouTube, you can link your channel anyway :woman_shrugging: .

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