Add Mobile Buttons w/out ContextActionService

Update: I think I figured out how to accomplish what I wanted with CAS. So you can ignore the rest of the post since it’s basically me whining about the wiki.

Me being frustrated with CAS:

I want to make a button appear on mobile devices but CAS seems like the wrong way to do it. I basically want it to be a run button. When the user hits it, they start running, and if they hit it again, they stop. I do not want the action to be bound to any keyboard keys at all. I’m starting to wonder if that’s even possible with it though, because it seems(?) from the tutorials that there’s no way to use it that way? They’re really confusing, and the new developer hub thing is not helping me at all.

Can somebody give me an example of how I might do this? I can’t really tell if BindAction makes the button appear or makes an action or what.

This is what I’ve done in like the last 20 minutes:

function run(go)
cas:BindAction("Run", run, true, "no") --I know writing "no" probably isn't smart but I want no key bindings.

I would make the button myself but I don’t want to handle different control schemes and stuff. Wouldn’t CAS adapt to that?

Sorry for asking so many questions, just kind of confused with it.

By the way, I never figured out another way to add buttons. Sorry to anyone that wants to do it, looks like you’ll have to make it yourself. :confused: