Add Models to StarterCharacter

Hi, basically what I’m trying to achieve is adding a skateboard for example to the character’s model. I tried using a custom character that gets the humanoid appearance of the local player but it doesn’t seem to work. How would I be able to achieve this?

Are you trying to weld it to the player’s original character? or a custom character

The original player character. (Or if possible make the custom character humanoid appearance the local player.)

If you use the a script to weld the skateboard when the player spawns in serverscript you can get it to work, here is an example.

		local Humrp = character.HumanoidRootPart
		local Sword = script.Yes:Clone()
		Sword.Parent = character
		Sword.PrimaryPart.CFrame = Humrp.CFrame
		local Weld ="ManualWeld")
		Weld.Part0 = Sword.PrimaryPart
		Weld.Part1 = Humrp
		Weld.C0 = Weld.Part1.CFrame:ToObjectSpace(Weld.Part1.CFrame)
		Weld.Parent = Sword



also create a part and make it the size of the players hand and weld the skateboard to it, it makes things easier, and requires less work,

The script I listed above, won’t work for you, but if you modify some stuff it should.