Add Moderation and Security Features to Roblox Groups

Add new moderation and security features to roblox groups.

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to keep my group wall clear of free robux scam.Thousands of young users lose their accounts because of these. My game appeals to large audience < 13. I would like to help protect their account by removing these attacks.


  1. Roblox supports hyper-links for anyone, without any security or permissions requirement.

  2. They never stop and these accounts keep rejoining after exile to spam same message. We are not able to ban bots or spam accounts.

  3. It is always the same message, we cannot blacklist words or messages.

If this issue is addressed, it would improve my development experience because

  • it will save thousands of peoples accounts who play my experience.

  • it will minimize distractions and responsibility while I work on updates.

Account safety should be high priority. It is not fair to anyone that roblox facilitates account theft.


100% Agreed, We need those moderation tool!


Maybe the upcoming Ban API also includes group banning tools?


We desperately need this! On top of security concerns, I also spend a few minutes everyday deleting scam and spam messages, time that can be better spent on development!


Little bit of a bump, but its kinda ridiculous that we dont have this already.

This one dude keeps rejoining my group and saying the most vile things, and he just keeps coming back all the time. I even tried reporting him, since some of the messages were definitely ban worthy, and still nothing.

What am I even supposed to do now? Making the group manual approval only is not great since there is a lot of people joining. A way to ban users would help tremendously.

We really need that! but for now we should disable the wall

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