Add more developer specializations

Many developers don’t have a “standard” specialization but a “specific” specialization, such as Project Management, Video Editing… So I thought it would be a good idea if some more developer specializations were added. I think these are the specializations to add:

  • Project Manager

  • Video Editor

  • Particles Maker

  • Voice Actor

If ROBLOX addresses this issue, ROBLOX developers would be able to show their skills better, and so it would improve their experience here on the Developers Forum.


Voice actor and project manager sounds the best out of all of those. The particle designer fits in artists better and the video editor is more unrelated to Roblox.


Yeah, I think you’re right about keeping VFX in Artist field. But I also thought that if Voice Actor should be separated by Composer, than VFX should be separated by Artist. But no, I think you’re right.


I don’t want to start a war with any VFX creators, but I wouldn’t say it’s a field significant enough to be a separate role. They do, in the end, create art. It’s not your traditional art, but what else would you consider them? If a separate role was created, it would probably be called VFX Artist, which really doesn’t make much sense. It still contains the “Artist” part of it, therefore making it more of a sub-role.

I do agree with the Voice Actors. I haven’t seen that many of them here on Roblox (perhaps because of the audio system and the nature of most games), but when someone decides to become one, they can’t really identify themselves using a title. Composer is a very misleading term when referring to a voice actor. They don’t make music.

Project manager also seems like a good one.

Video editor isn’t really needed imo. Videos, unlike scripting, building, art, modeling, etc, aren’t a very important part of a game. If you wanted to hire someone to make a video for your game page, you could hire someone outside of Roblox or someone with that experience.

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Project manager is more of what I do, so I hope they add it, because I just am using the closest thing to it ( Game Designer), and it is not what I do.

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To be fair, this is a development forum. Project management is hardly development.


True, but I think it could still fit in.

I’d have to disagree. Although the role doesn’t focus on any specific technical area of development, project management is still a fundamental role for the direction and leadership of any game development related project. I think it’s very much development related.

Project management related topics sometimes crop up in #development-discussion, #help-and-feedback:game-design-support and #resources:community-tutorials; it would be useful to have a group to represent this role so users with experience within the field can be more easily identifiable on these threads.

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I wish there were more developers that are:

  • Systems engineer

  • Technical Director

  • Creative Director

  • Product managers

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To be honest I believe those roles are beyond the scope of Roblox development, and I only know one person who is a Systems Engineer for a certain Roblox game studio, but that studio is actually trademarked so it’s an actual company.

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Perhaps 2D artist instead particles maker?

  • I also think there should be a Music Composer specialization

There is already a composer group:

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