Add more people to post approval team

add more people to post approval team, because post approval process got really slow. I made bug report 14 days ago and there isn’t still any reply there and that is quite sad, when I remember, that when I joined, there was reply in 5 mins on every bug report or feature request.

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Just have some patience. It’s not as easy as just adding more people. That doesn’t scale and would only be a band-aid fix to the slowness. I believe I read that a solution involving some automation is being worked on.


Doubling the number of people in the program won’t halve the amount of time to approve bugs, and this isn’t a position that anyone can do. Post approval requests are currently delayed due to an increase in usage, potentially attributed to more people being at home.

Heads-up: Post Approval has huge backlog = longer waiting times

Our inbox is currently at 200 messages and increasing. It hasn’t been lost; it is just really slow right now.


Yeah true and I also agree too with what you said because a lot of people are in there homes and are doing their normal stuff and there’s a lot of people using the internet.

Uncool, if you actually would do your research, you would know that PA is actually clogged with request. It’s called patience.