Add more sort options to the Creations page

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to sort through games on the new creator dashboard. The current sorting option is not always optimal because developers often work on games that weren’t recently created or one of the first games they created.

If Robox is able to address this issue, it would make it much easier to find the games you’re looking for in the creator dashboard. Options to sort games alphabetically and by last modification would make the process of finding the game you’re looking for much quicker. I believe sorting by last modified is the most useful sort option as most developers will be looking for a game in the creator dashboard that they’ve recently worked.

Example of new sort options:


Thanks for the feature request! More filtering is on our roadmap for this page, just takes a bit of work to support :slight_smile: We will eventually provide sorting for all asset types, as well as more sort by options (like updated date), and searching within each asset type.


Would it be possible for last modified to be the default sort option when it is added? In Studio, I mostly just open games from my recents selection and rarely have any other reason to sort by anything other than last modified.

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