Add multiple weapons to my viewmodel

Sorry if this is a little non-specific.

In my viewmodel, you can have up to three weapons, (1 to bring up the first weapon, etc.) however, there is no weapon selection to choose the weapons you can use, so you are stuck with the same three weapons.
I have been using this tutorial but since I am a noob at scripting I don’t know where to start on making weapon selection:

Any help would be appreciated!

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you can pretty much edit the script like he said in the tutorial ,
Here is an example of how to make player select weapon:
The player has a Object value or string value(the object value are the weapon or weapon name) in them which is serversided then when its needed to give the weapon to the player the server get them from the Object value or string value in the player.

the reason why putting a string value or object value is that when player get to choose/select their weapon the server get the weapon they want and put them in the object value or string value thus when they will get to receive the weapon, the server can get it from the values (escuse me if i am using too much string value or object value)

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