Add new or unread group join request notifications

It’s currently hard to tell if anyone has sent a join request to a group as there’s no notification for the group join currents to see if anyone has sent a request. As everyone knows whenever you get a friend request on roblox, it shows a highlight notification over the notifications icon on the topbar of the roblox website. It would be very helpful if this was also the case for group join requests, the design is very simple. Each time someone sends a join request to your group, you can go to configure your group, click on Members, then it will show a highlight notification with an amount of how many people have sent a request to join your group inside of that notification.

Other ideas to go with this:
So as you know whenever you click on the notifications icon on the roblox topbar the highlight notification with the amount of notifications you got disappears after clicking, this could also go with this feature so it doesn’t clutter the amount of join requests you get and cause issues for you and group admins. Another way to help with the clutter is possibly adding a maximum of 99+ being shown on the highlight notification, but whenever you actually click on the Requests it shows the real amount of people who have sent a join request.

Ideal design of the feature: