Add new properties for FloorWires

Being an early developer who focuses on special effects and visuals, I find it hard to work with newer tools. I know they take time to get used to, but sometimes it gets tough and eventually I give up trying to figure out a solution (but I guess that’s my problem).

Either way, remember FloorWires? You can call them the out-dated versions of Beams, but unlike Beams, they use two parent parts instead of attachments, they always go straight (sometimes they’re usually seen going down the X-axis and then the Y-axis), and they always face the camera. Fortunately, they are actually really cool and work really, really well if you use them right.

Ocean Rapids - Noob Attack 2

The Tower - Noob Attack 2 (Animated if not playing)

That said, I feel like they’re a little broken. They always appear on top of all GUI-based elements, such as BillboardGuis (my personal favorites), as shown here:


I understand the solution right now would be to check the AlwaysOnTop property on the BillboardGui, but unfortunately, that also means it’ll be on top of everything in the playing field; something I don’t want.
Also notice on the picture as well, particles are also overlapped by FloorWires. I feel FloorWires should be given a property similar to GUIs, where their display order can be changed. I could switch to using the Beam effect, but that means extra work must be done.

Another property I’d like to see for these old FloorWires is the ability to change their texture on the fly. At this moment, a script can easily swap images for Decals, ImageLabels, Textures, and so-forth. While it’s not the best method to animate images, it does save time for scripting. The same can’t be said for FloorWires however; swapping textures only works when seen in studio or when Experimental Mode is on.

There are more properties that I have in mind, but I’m not too sure myself if they’ve been requested already. That and these are the only issues I’m dealing with right now. That said, if these properties were to be added for FloorWires, I’d be a happier man.

Thank you for your time reading this!



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Since FloorWires are deprecated, it’s quite unlikely that they will receive any future support.

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That’s a shame… time to experiment with beams!

Beams are quite awesome. I think that you will really like them. :slight_smile:

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I actually forgot FloorWires existed. Incredible.

Side note: Beeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaams.


I’m pretty sure beams are a strict superset of the functionality of floor wire now. There isn’t anything I remember about the object that can’t be reimplemented with beams and some Lua.


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