Add option to allow collaborators to view analytics to shared games

Following up from Many Pages of the Creator Dashboard result in "Access Denied" with edit permissions - #16 by DarkPixlz

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to view game analytics as a collaborator to a game owned by an individual.

A game I work on is owned by an individual account, not a group. I have full edit permissions on it, but I’m not permitted to view statistics for it.

This isn’t optimal because I’m limited in knowledge on how the game is performing, all o have is likes and visits, which doesn’t say much.

A solution to this is offering a choice for collaborators to be able to view the analytics, because not everybody will want collaborators to be able to view the statistics, but for many, myself included, this will be very helpful.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I will be able to share game statistics with others, and have others share it with me, who I may be working with.


If this game is in a group, you can share analytics via the group permissions


This topic is not about group games, but games owned by accounts which you have edit permissions on.


Pray this can be solved, it was talked about last time but nothing was ever done:


Thanks for this feedback! The team is investigating how to improve collaboration use cases like this and we’ll update the thread when we have some more info.


been a small 11 months - wheres the new info


Is there any updates on this? Its been a second and this is still a very much needed feature. It’s really hard to work on experiences that are owned by an account instead of a group and not be able to view any analytics data on the game without being able to easily make decisions regarding analytics.