Add Outages Questions Category


When Roblox is down, it takes a while for to update and the #development-discussion is flooded, so when Roblox is down, people will ask a lot about the outage.

So that′s the reason I think, it would contribute something good to the #development-discussion .


Whilst there are people with “OMG ME TOO!” so only one Solutioning it will be Roblox.


Generally, these posts don’t “ask about the outage” but rather just argue about it. It’s also worth noting that even when people claim things to be affected by the outage, most of the time people are wrong and fearmonger people way too much with hefty false-claims.

It’s not worth having a category that will only ever be used very rarely and when it does, it gets filled with misinformation; better to either get your information from an official source (even if late) or if you seriously want the communities’ perspective; go on social media.


We always have #development-discussion, and outages sure do affect development. Why not complain about them having no offline mode?


The topic there get usually locked and taken down.


Maybe they should have a section named along the line of “Outage-reports,” and have it members+ so we don’t have to wait for a regular to report it, because I’ve seen more and more outages then ever before in 2022-2023. Remember the big outage near Halloween in 2021? It was like a 3 day outage or something? Ya. Apparently it wasn’t known to Roblox until 15 hours later when Roblox posts on X (twitter) “We know you are having trouble using Roblox right now. Sorry and we are working hard to get things back to normal.” I feel like if there was a outage report category. Outages would of been taken care of faster as the mods would see the report and then tell the technicians.


Imagine people post fake reports of outages, like could you imagine someone saying “roblox is down plz fix it!!1!” in that category

Yes, that would be one of many downsides sadly.

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As useful as it seems for the community to try to double check that the company is aware that there is a problem, adding an “Outage Questions” category could simply make Roblox be more easily viewed as something that they don’t want to be viewed as: an extremely unreliable platform.


People already view it as an unreliable platform from many angles, not just uptime. Adding the section in would make no change to that, if anything it would show that they actually care about finding out if something may be broken on their stuff

I’m honestly all for this idea as it would certainly cut down on spam by giving said spam somewhere proper to go, meaning the forum is more organised (less clutter in other categories and less duplicate posts)