Add Post Approval Exclusively for Similar Developer Discussion Post Titles

As a Roblox Developer, it is currently annoying to constantly see irrelevant duplicates of Development Discussion topics. I know that duplicated can still be seen in other categories, but I’ve seen duplicate topics in the Development Discussion category the most.

I’m not going to point any of them out because I don’t want it to seem like targeting certain users and it’s also against the rules.

I’ve saw another Developer Forum Feature Request stating that we should lock the category all together, which I disagreed with, so I came up with what I thought is a logical solution.

I’m sure at least some people have experienced the receiving Feedback on a Duplicate Topic from DET even though you couldn’t find a duplicated topic with the DevForum’s search function.

If Roblox would be able to address this issue, there would be less irrelevant posts and less of a clutter of topic creations. The search function would also improve because everyone would get more accurate results on what they’re looking for and less people would be getting Feedback from DET.

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Add a Topic Cooldown for the Developer Discussion Category

Feature requests should focus on problems, not on specific proposed solutions.

As for your proposed solution: if you scroll over #development-discussion , you’ll notice you’ll rarely see two topics by the same original poster, so adding a cooldown is not accomplishing anything.

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Then would the feature request be better if we added post approval for developer discussions topic titles that are very similar to other topics on the DevForum?

No, that’s again a proposed solution. Focus on the problem.

Your problem is that Development Discussion is too noisy. So write a feature request explaining the problem and how it impacts your ability to use the forum.

However, since there are already topics about this problem IIRC, it might be better to tag onto an existing thread.