Add proper documentation for normal identities

At the moment, there’s no actual documentation for normal identities on the current version of the developer hub. This is annoying as error codes generated by Roblox that make reference to these identities, and they’ve been changed at some point away from what they were when documentation (this is outdated) existed. This has lead to some confusion rather recently as to what identity plugins run at.

To combat this in the future, it would be cool if normal identities were documented on the developer hub. This would hopefully include a list of what sources ran at what identity and what restrictions, if any, were on each identity (what security tags they could access, any restricted Instances, etc.).

EDIT: I’ve done some digging and it turns out the error message that’s displayed is about as unhelpful as it could be without being an error occurred. The permission number is entirely disconnected from the actual identity necessary to access the member and generally speaking it’s a mess. This makes it abundantly clear we need official documentation for this.


It’s been over a year and I’ve gotten no response to this request – has it been denied or was it simply unseen? I’d appreciate an update.

I take it you’re talking about printidentity() and the surrounding concept of access levels to certain API – a ticket was made for this but it’s been deferred several times; I’m not entirely sure what the team’s position on this is yet. I’ll bring it up again to freshen up our plans for it.

My gut feeling on this: the concept of script/security identities isn’t exactly one that warrants a full explanation, but rather the question of “What [API] can I use where?” which is more nuanced. Obviously core scripts, the command bar, plugins and in-game scripts have different access levels, but there’s also server/client boundary and even script.Parent which can make a difference.

I’m talking about security identities, yes – in hindsight I should probably have made it more clear but I don’t want to touch the OP after all this time.

Part of this does fall under knowledge for its own sake, but I think it’s definitely worth mentioning somewhere given printidentity exists.

It would probably be better to have more nuanced documentation like you said though. I would be fine if that happened instead of specifically talking about security identities.

On a slightly unrelated note, are topics like this out of scope for the devhub? I was thinking of asking for pages on things like the API dump which are very niche but useful to power users, but it feels like the focus of the devhub thus far has been on less advanced users.