Add Script Highlighting Features That Roblox Studio Has

Hello there!

It would be great to see some of the features when you highlight a word implemented into the forums.

It’s hard to explain it, so here’s a visual example:

In Roblox studio, when you click on the word used more than once in the script, a little box goes around the word every time it’s used. And when you start highlighting a word, it starts putting that box around every time the currently selected section of the word is used.

However, you can’t do that on the developer forums:

It would be great if some of these highlighting features were implemented onto the forums. It would prove useful when trying to help someone with their script if you’re trying to find where a certain variable or instance is used.

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You can just use Ctrl+f and do “highlight all”, or paste it into a proper IDE. The forums don’t need full highlighting support since they’re not meant to be used as an IDE, just a place to share code that was written elsewhere.


Oh, so that’s what it’s called…thank you!

While this would work for Windows, Mac users have trouble because doing Ctrl+f (or Cmd+f in a Mac’s case) will open up the search section on the dev forum. Although you are correct, the dev forum wasn’t meant to be used as an IDE.

I’m a mac user and you can press Cmd+f twice in order to use the standard search function (at least in Safari).