Add Searchbar to Avatar Customization

As a user, it’s way too hard having to scroll down infinitely to find an item that my character wants to wear. Instead, it would be so much better if I could directly search for it. Perhaps, filters to the search can be applied to show items that fit a specific tag or a collection of tags together to better narrow my search.

What it is now:

As you can see, you have to scroll for days. Not very friendly if you have a bunch of hats.


An extension has this feature. Although the already-existing feature in an extension, I would opt for this as a feature without the extension.


Ironically, I have a personal extension that also has the feature. I just prefer it being an actual thing.

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I have hundreds of clothing items (not quite an overexaggeration) and it would be a nightmare picking out what I’d want to wear without said extension that adds a search bar, other than when I’m going on a scroll just to see everything I have and then selecting something according to my mood.

Incorporating a search bar natively without the need for an extension would be an outstanding UX improvement, especially for those who are unaware of such extensions or have their reasons for not wanting to or not being able to download those extensions. Would love this!