Add SoundCloud as a viable social link

As a developer who sometimes composes music for my games it would be amazing to be able to put the link to my original soundtrack so people can listen to the music!
Right now, we only have these available social links but I feel that having a SoundCloud link type would be beneficial to me and a lot of other developers and composers.

And it would even be useful for concert events!

Edit 2/13/23: BANDCAMP TOO!!


Don’t forget Spotify and Deezer.

I’ve been thinking of this for a while but litteraly can’t suggest it, so thanks.

Don’t forget about GitHub either!


I’d argue that SoundCloud is a much better option due to the fact that Spotify + Deezer are both subscription services and leading users to a paid service feels wrong for Roblox to actively do.


Agreed. From what I’ve seen, music on Spotify requires a distributor, while you can just upload stuff to Soundcloud.

Oh, but i still think that it would be useful, anyway they should just add music streaming websites links whatever are the websites.

Saw a lot of Roblox soundtrack and other kinds of songs on Spotify/Deezer, i don’t think they absolutely need a distributor

You do need a distributor (many just happen to pay for a cheap one on a subscription) but that is besides the point. Spotify and Deezer both require a subscription if you truly wish to use the service unlike the currently supported links which are not subscription services (YouTube, Twitter and Discord can all be used to a reasonable extent without paying in). It’s also worth noting that Roblox would prefer a seperate feature request for each one (which I’m obviously aware is quite difficult as you are not a regular)

Yeah i know that it do need subscription to use it, i myself use these.

But I’m saying that having a distributor is not necessary, i used to listen independent musics, artist, or memes remixes.

I don’t think this kind of music need a distributor

Independent artists can still use distributors… DistroKid is like 20 bucks a year and is open to everyone, so meme remixes and independent artists can still be on spotify… It’s not a kind of music that needs a distributor, you just need one in general.

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Oh ok, alright, i guess you’re right.