Add stiffness to spring constants according to mass of car

im trying to make a car with suspension and if the car falls from a high height the wheels glitch through the body is there any equation that could stop the wheels from going through the body
once they are through the body they dont go back down


Maybe you need to add limits on your prismatic constraints?

I haven’t actually used spring constraints at all, but this is basically the equation you need IRL:

  • spring force = distance from free length * spring constant
    • This is a huge assumption, but I’m assuming Stiffness is the spring’s spring constant.
  • There are four wheels, so the force on each should be weight force divided by 4
  • The final equation is:

d = distance from freelength
k = Stiffness
m = car mass (not including wheels)
g = gravity

(g * m) / 4 = d * k
k = (g * m) / (4 * d)

(Ex of d: your free length is 2, so you probably want a resting length of about 1.5, so d = about 0.5)

Let me know if this works :+1:

i didnt have prismatic constraints (im using cylindrical) so i just did the same thing on the cylindrical ones as you would normally do with prismatic with the limits and it worked, the car can now fall from any height and the wheels wont glitch

Okay, glad it worked, I meant cylindrical anyway, I just said the wrong one. :slight_smile: