Add string before player's message

I wanted to add player’s level near his name when chatting, like this:

Unfortunately I can’t figure how to do the following (note that I don’t want to add player to speaker / chat tags like on the image - I just want to print out a string before player’s message).

Here’s what I tried (ModuleScript in Chat > ChatModules Folder):

local function Run(ChatService)
	local function ShowPlayerLevel(speakerName, message, channelName)
		local player = game:GetService("Players"):FindFirstChild(speakerName)
		if player then
		return false
	ChatService:RegisterProcessCommandsFunction("ShowPlayerLevel", ShowPlayerLevel)

return Run

I don’t have any idea about how can I add string before player’s message anyways.

Thanks for help.

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U can find a lot of useful stuff on yt, here is a tutorial on the topic:

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You can use SetExtraData for this.

I said in the topic that I don’t want chat tags or anything but it seems like the best solution.

In case somebody needed it, here’s how you can remove chat tags.