Add Studio Apple silicon version

I use the mac studio , but the roblox studio is inter version. please add new version for Apple m1/m2 cpu verion, Because using rosetta conversion really makes roblox studio seem laggy and can’t bring out the true performance of the device


I agree, this seems like a needed “feature” of Roblox Studio. It would be a shame if it doesn’t get supported just given how well it runs on Macs in general. I guess my question for someone at Roblox is just whether or not it’s on the their backlog, currently in development, etc?


Bumping to say that this is long overdue and still isn’t done.

Apps that I am surprised that got a Universal/native app are available, while Roblox and Roblox Studio are the only apps that are Intel based on my M1 MacBook Air.

Because of Rosetta, I can usually have only 5 studios with light workflows opened at a time. This was similar to apps when they used Rosetta.

Roblox Studio also sucks a lot of battery due to Rosetta, and this is just a huge problem. I can’t get through 2 hours with 1 Studio window on a full charge.