Add sub-categories to #development-discussion

The category #development-discussion serves for what the name implies, but, I want it to be specific, so what I suggest, is to add sub-categories to it, to talk about certain things. About scripting, building, and development overall.

  • Don’t add sub-categories. (State why, if possible.)
  • Add sub-categories.

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And yes, I do have knowledge that #development-discussion is supposed to charge multiple questions, but as I said, I want it to be “specific”, if the title doesn’t already explain you the main of the topic, or so.


This is basically gonna turn it into Help and Feedback #2, except for its discussion.


I would say that’s pretty much what I’m looking for. But don’t forget, only for DISCUSSION. It’s as if they were using #development-discussion but with some categories of #help-and-feedback.

That is if it is used for discussion. However if it was used as a second #help-and-feedback then they are practically shooting themselves in the foot since their content is not public.


Wont we get a duped #help-and-feedback

Discussing things like scripting, building, art and game design would make people think about using it in either these ways:

  1. Misusing it for asking for help and tips which is what you can do in the support categories.
  2. Using it as a bypass for #platform-feedback so they can talk about bugs or suggestions specifically of a thing (Like lua draggers glitching would go to building discussion OR adding more math functions to roblox studio which would go to scripting discussion).
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What would be done with any old topics? Recategorizing them all might be a pain.


I would say that if someone were to make a topic in the sub-categories of #development-discussion, they would know that it would more likely needed to be a interesting and, more likely, a major question, which many people would want to know. But, even if they didn’t, creating topics on the sub-categories, would, of course, have a template. And in the template, it could look like this (Minor example.):

About the scripting discussion category

For discussing anything related to scripting on the Roblox platform.

If you’re looking to have help with issues or so with your code, please use #help-and-feedback:scripting-support instead, and, if you’re looking to know how would you be able to improve something in your code, use #help-and-feedback:code-review

Etc, etc, etc etc.

Not sure what to do about that though, but the “About the … category” will be specific, to not do that.

Now, that’s a issue I really didn’t think of. But what I suppose, is that the OPs are going to get “notificated”, and told to redefine the category of their posts. And if they don’t want to, they can just keep the #development-discussion category, as if it wasn’t a topic about anything of the sub-categories, or so.

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The problem is that there isnt really what to discuss at them without being a thing that can be recategorized into one of the supports, cool creations or code review.

Unless it is a thing like “Are you satisfied about …?” but this would be easily answered if you went to the release notes topic or the announcement about the new thing AND people would probably get bored about things like that. (And this would cause really so many repeated topics with just a word changing in it)

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Eh, I will have to agree with that. I might just give up on what I’m looking for here, but I’ll see if anything happens, thank you guys for the opinions…

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You can already use the support categories if you want to have discussions about specific areas of development. The problem is that every single category is filled of fluff and low quality threads asking for simple help, so you won’t be able to make out much signal through the noise: it’ll drown out.

People already have a problem using the current categories. Splitting Development Discussion into subcategories for areas of development on Roblox will further obscure which should be used (Support vs Discussion) and it adds unnecessary work for us volunteers who are probably going to be moving threads around more actively than moderation, as the latter go through the flag queue.

Not a good move.