Add Team Create invites privacy setting

As a Roblox Lua tutor, it is currently difficult to get a solid understanding of my clients’ studio environments quickly. I’m only a couple of people away from filling my friends list and screen sharing isn’t always effective enough (or possible if they’re using a different device to communicate than the one they’re coding on). It can be slow as I’m restricted to the quality of the screen share and the actions of the remote user. I think that a privacy setting for Team Create sessions would completely solve this problem, and fulfill other feature requests that I’ve seen (but can’t locate).


Would have replied earlier but busy with other things. I do support this and want to share out my experience and opinions onto this.

In the past year or so, I’ve been invited to numerous places and games that I don’t even know my friends have made or I guess random places that they could share to most developers on the platform. Having the ability to disable or change on whoever can invite me to Team Create is something I wish were added to the Engine/Studio at default.

^ I guess with Game Settings is around, it could be beneficial with this or related somehow?

I also had to deal with screen sharing to other developers or my friends showing the thing on their screens or with screenshots which sucks.

Overall, the idea of this is beneficial to most developers and users on the platform who don’t necessarily want to be invited and see a lot of messages inside the message page, I would personally use this!