Add text duplication and movement actions and shortcuts to Roblox Studio

As a Roblox developer, it is currently frustrating to go back and forth between non-Roblox editors and Roblox Studio’s script editor. This is because it is missing two pieces of functionality that I find myself using quite often in outside editors. These actions are duplicating and moving text. They are currently one of the main hindrances to me using Studio because of how often I use them in my workflow.

A quick showcase is below if you're interested

A duplication action would duplicate the selected lines directly beneath themselves:


A movement action would move the selected lines up or down:

Without showing a gif or video of me doing the same thing in Studio, suffice it to say that is requires a bit more work.

If these actions were added, it would speed up refactoring of code, and help bring Studio’s code editor more in line with other editors. It would also help me specifically because I use these actions a lot outside of studio, and having to get used to not having them every time I go to make code in Studio makes me sad.