Add the ability to change individual body colors in the mobile avatar editor

As a Roblox player, it is currently impossible to change individual body colors on mobile devices. The website avatar editor redirects users to the mobile app when accessed through a mobile device, and the app avatar editor itself has no support for changing the colors of individual body parts. Attempting to access the body part colors menu through the advanced button on a browser on desktop mode is also extremely difficult, because the category buttons on the page are unusable on mobile (even though the advanced menu itself works perfectly fine).

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my user experience because my current character (and many of my saved outfits) uses and depends on this (relatively neglected) feature. I am unable to customize my character colors on mobile without risking getting my entire body stuck in one color and default clothes.

This is an important feature because it is an accessible way to customize one’s avatar, and one which would probably be more widely used if it were given more emphasis. The current body part color picker is hidden behind a barely visible “advanced” link on the web body color page, and the feature in general is inaccessible to mobile users, which are a majority of the platform’s user base.

Giving non-converted players access to this feature (already supported on the backend) could also potentially improve their user experience by letting them change their avatars to their imagination’s desire (given that the range of available free items on the avatar shop is already low), thus working towards the company’s aim of building a comprehensive Metaverse where all users can freely express themselves.