Add the Bubble Chat toggle back to game settings

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to toggle bubble chat on/off through the website or in studio. This used to be a setting but seems to have been lost during the migration of settings from the site to the studio menu.


Here are some other threads that point it out as a problem:

Both of these threads suggest changing it via code. This is undesirable as the vast majority of players will not know this (currently) the way to change it. By default new places have bubble chat turned off which makes the lack of a toggle more acute.

This thread is a mix of bug/feature request but assuming it was intentionally dropped I’ve posted this in feature requests.


The vast majority of players aren’t developers.

You figured it out. New devs will be able to.


Oh damn I completely missed that announcement. Disappointing for sure, if they’ve removed it for good reason I doubt they’re going to add it back :slightly_frowning_face:

But yeah players with no coding experience are going to get confused when they can’t figure out how to make bubble chat appear.


i’m having an issue with this where using game.Players:SetChatStyle(Enum.ChatStyle.ClassicAndBubble)
in the command bar in studio doesn’t actually enable bubble chat. in online and in testing my game, the chat style just reverts back to classic.

is this caused by the same thing? i don’t want to fork the chat script but if that’s the only way to make the API work then I will


You can do this without forking the script. See the thread Kiansjet linked to earlier: Removing Chat Type & Avatar Appearance Override Settings


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