Add the MKV video type support for the forum

OBS can export the MKV video type, however the forum can’t upload it. This should be a feature so i don’t have to convert videos to MP4

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This is more of a feature request so next time put it in #feature-requests. “MKV” I think is an uncommon video file format so it’s not surprising it doesn’t support it. When exporting (if this is an option) choose .mp4 or .mov .

wait crap sorry i forgot to remove the tags from a draft i feel stupid. i’ll change them

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In OBS Studio you can change the preferred video file format using the software by going to File → Settings → Output. There, listed under Recording Format, you can select MP4.

The main reason why OBS Studio automatically saves recordings as MKV is because they are recoverable if the software were to ever crash. (While MP4 isn’t)


From what I’ve seen, Discourse (the software behind the devforum) serves video files straight from its content folder. Mkv files really aren’t that well supported outside video editing and video recording, so they’re also not supported in browsers. The software behind the forum could do the conversion for you, but that solution really isn’t really scalable. So for that reason I don’t see a feature like this coming to the devforum, or any forum for that matter, very soon. :frowning_face:


If there’s an actual reason to use MKV while recording, I’d recommend using MKV and just remuxing the recordings after (File > Remux Recordings). No need to compromise on format stability.


That is true, I forgot to mention this option as well.