Add trackpad camera movement support for MacOs

As a Roblox developer using a Macbook, moving the camera with a Trackpad in Roblox Studio is currently too hard. The default camera functionality means that dragging two fingers on the trackpad causes the camera to zoom toward the mouse position rather than rotating as it does within Experiences on the Roblox Client.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it will improve my development experience because I’ll be able to easily navigate within Studio without having to awkwardly right-click with two fingers and then drag the mouse in order to rotate the camera. Oftentimes this can be problematic as parts and models can easily be moved accidentally.


This is a good idea! We’ll see what we can do.


Any updates on this? Having a hard time moving in studio while looking around using a trackpad

No updates. Just to get some more detail: it sounds like you’re looking for the trackpad camera controls to be similar to the player app?

That’d be amazing! I’m even struggling to rotate the camera with secondary click, pretty annoying with it working only half the time (especially trying to also use WASD)

Any updates? Would love to be able to develop without bringing a mouse everywhere I go, but without one, its too hard to navigate studio.