Add Water To Specific Small Area

  1. I want to add water to a hot tub

  2. I cant put water exactly in the hot tub

  3. Cant find anywhere a solution to do this problem


You could use this plugin. Results may vary so you might need to change the size of your tube or just use a part instead of water.

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In the terrain editor under add, you can choose the shape. Choose the square and tune it to fit your needs.

There is also a beta feature if you are a part of the beta program that allows you to turn parts into water.

You don’t need to use a plugin for something this simple. You can just use the cube shape in terrain editor.

I have tried that before, it is not accurate at all and is very hard to use inside the very small hottub

Are you a part of the beta program? If so, try the convert tool.

Otherwise, the plugin works.

You can put a tiny part in it a use the part to terrian plugin

Nope I am not, I used a plugin that allows converting. But it is not accurate enough.

Not accurate enough :/. Im starting to think theres no way to do it. Which is REALLLLLY annoyinhg

What most games do is use a part, change it to smooth plastic or even granite, change the colour and then the transparency. They also set CanCollide to off.

True you just have to add the little tiny part

I really like the wave and the ‘water displacing’ effect. I know that way of doing water, but I its just not realistic enough for me. I may have to use that way if nothing works

You could have a moving texture. I remember back in Arcane Adventures where vetex would use a moving granite texture.

Nope already tried. It either goes to tall or goes under my parts

Hmmm. You can fill it with a foil part that has a transparency around 0.5. It doesn’t let you swim but looks realistic. Then add a particle emitter with this particle: 242218746. You can also add highly opaque smoke to look like steam. Result:

Is it me or those bubbles get bigger and then get smaller? Also thats the best im gonna get thanks for the help

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The bubbles do get larger and smaller because I set up a NumberSequence for the particle size. Learn more about them here: